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120                      THE FATE OF MAN

process of purification—the way to a transfigured
life. It places man face to face with pure, naked
reality. And that is well. The collapse of many
historically sacred shrines may mean that man is
approaching the true holy of holies, is neater to
God Himself. God does not need to be sanctified
by man : He is holy in Himself alone.

For the world, the holiness of God is a judg-
ment.   This judgment extends to  Christianity
since Christianity is a part of history and has
become infected with all of history's temptations
and  imperfections.   Christianity   as   a  human
phenomenon, has been found to embody many of
those mental and physical complexes which are
revealed by modern psychopathology—sadism
and masochism, the torture of one's self or of
others.   Sadism is evident even in Christian
doctrine, for instance in that of endless punish-
ment in hell.   Here we need a process of spiritual
cleansing.   The judgment upon Christianity is
going on in all phases of human life and culture.
It is a judgment upon false monism and false
dualism, upon extreme immanentism as well as
extreme transcendentalism, upon the deification
of human frailties and the degradation of human
dignity.   The world crisis is a judgment both
from above and from beneath.   The tragic con-
flict between Christianity and history is nothing
new—it is eternal and in the process each judges